Acquisitions Opportunities with St. John Properties

At St. John Properties, we are committed to a strategic vision that drives our land, asset and portfolio acquisition efforts nationwide. Our primary goal is to support and expand our extensive portfolio of properties, which include office, flex/R&D, and retail buildings, as well as retail pad sites. We focus on acquiring land and assets that offer significant potential for development and value addition.

A parcel of land that is partially developed with flex/R&D buildings

Driving Economic Growth and Opportunity

St. John Properties employs a strategic approach to land acquisition that is centered around driving economic growth and creating valuable opportunities in suburban areas. This approach is multifaceted, focusing on the development of vacant land as well as the revitalization of existing buildings to cater to contemporary business needs.

In suburban regions, where there is often more available space and a growing demand for business infrastructure, St. John Properties sees an opportunity to expand its portfolio while simultaneously contributing to the economic vitality of these communities. By transforming raw land into thriving business parks, the company not only meets the increasing demand for commercial and industrial spaces but also boosts local employment and economic activities.

The development of business parks in these suburban areas typically includes the creation of a variety of spaces suited to different types of businesses, from small startups to established corporations. This diversification ensures a dynamic tenant mix that can attract more businesses to the area, further enhancing the local economy.

Selective Acquisition for Long-Term Success

We selectively acquire properties in locations with high growth potential. This selective strategy ensures that our developments are positioned to attract leading businesses and offer them the environments they need to succeed. Our focus on strategic locations has led us to recently expand into new markets, such as Florida, North Carolina and Texas, where we foresee significant business opportunities.

Recent Land Acquisitions

Rendering of a flex/R&D building at Leander Tech Park in Leander, TX

Leander Tech Park
50-acre site in Leander, Texas

St. John Properties acquired a 50-acre parcel for the development of Leander Tech Park, aiming to create a mixed-use business community. This project is projected to include single-story flex/R&D and inline retail buildings, as well as three pad sites for diverse uses like restaurants and banks. This development underscores St. John Properties’ strategy of speculative development, which supports the emerging real estate needs of existing and future clients. This acquisition is part of our broader expansion in the greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area, reflecting the region’s rapid growth and strong business climate​.

Berry Pointe
82-acre site in Waldorf, Maryland

St. John Properties acquired an 82-acre parcel in Waldorf, Maryland, for the development of Berry Pointe, a mixed-use business community, and the company’s first project in Charles County. This project is expected to consist of flex/R&D, single-story offices, and retail buildings, along with retail pad sites. Berry Pointe is expected to support over 2,100 new jobs, and is designed to cater to a variety of businesses, from high-tech to light manufacturing, highlighting the company’s focus on creating versatile business environments​.

Wake Forest Exchange
30-acre site in Wake Forest, North Carolina

This acquisition marks St. John Properties’ first venture into North Carolina, involving the development of a business community in Wake Forest. Wake Forest Exchange is intended to foster local economic development and meet the increasing demand for commercial space in the region.​

Recent Asset Acquisitions

Montpelier Research Park in Fulton, MD

Montpelier Research Park
12.5-acre site and 2-story office building in Fulton, Maryland

A joint venture between St. John Properties and Greenebaum Enterprises led to the acquisition of a 12.5-acre site within Montpelier Research Park. The site is adjacent to the partnership’s Maple Lawn mixed-use community, and includes an existing 32,000 square foot two-story office building, and the partnership will speculatively develop nearly 70,000 square feet of additional flex/R&D space. This acquisition illustrates St. John Properties’ approach to collaborative ventures and enhancing their presence in strategic locations​.

Donges Bay Office Center in Mequon, WI

Donges Bay Office Center
35,654 square foot, two-story office building in Mequon, Wisconsin

St. John Properties acquired the 35,654 square foot, two-story office building in Mequo, adding to the more than 1.7 million square foot portfolio of commercial space in Wisconsin. The company completed interior and exterior improvements to the site, including new exterior signage, and rebranded the building as Donges Bay Office Center.

Aviation Business Park in Glen Burnie, MD

Aviation Business Park
120,000 square foot, three-building portfolio in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Located adjacent to St. John Properties’ 165-acre Cromwell Business Park, Aviation Business Park’s three office building portfolio added to the more than 4 million square feet of commercial space the company owns and manages around Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

St. John Properties converted a portion of the single-story office building portfolio to their signature flex/R&D space, reflecting the high demand for this asset class in the local marketplace.

Triangle Business Park, now Baltimore Gateway in Baltimore, MD

Triangle Business Park
74,000 square foot, four-building portfolio in Baltimore, Maryland

St. John Properties recently acquired Triangle Business Park, a business community comprised of more than 74,000 square feet of flex/R&D space in Baltimore City. The four flex/R&D buildings, along with an adjacent 100,000 square foot, five-story Class ‘A’ office building that was previously acquired, were rebranded Baltimore Gateway.

The purchase of the stabilized, tenanted Triangle Business Park property brought the total number of square feet managed in a one-mile radius to over one million square feet.


Our land acquisitions strategy is deeply rooted in our commitment to long-term, sustainable growth. By carefully selecting and developing land and improving properties, St. John Properties not only expands their portfolio, but also plays a crucial role in community and economic development. Our strategic acquisitions reflect our forward-looking vision and our dedication to contributing positively to the regions we serve.

Through our strategic land acquisition efforts, St. John Properties continues to demonstrate leadership in the commercial real estate sector, driving innovation, and development across the country.