Full-service commercial real estate: all under one roof

St. John Properties is vertically integrated, which means we employ in-house experts in all aspects of the real estate development process. That includes everything from site selection and development, to design and construction, to leasing, financing, and property management.

Design & Construction

Our Space Planning & Design team creates customized solutions that reflect our clients’ vision. Our Interior Construction team makes that vision a reality.

In-House Maintenance

We set ourselves apart with a team of full-time, in-house maintenance technicians, building engineers, and property managers who quickly solve common roofing, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC issues.

Long-Term Ownership

We own and manage the projects we acquire and construct, because we consider real estate to be a long-term investment in the communities we serve.

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Land and Acquisitions

Acquisitions & Development

We are actively seeking a broad range of acquisition opportunities that can be developed and transformed into new mixed-use or business communities.

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Construction & Sustainability

In-house construction and sustainability teams maintain an aggressive speculative construction strategy and deliver innovative green buildings.

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From identifying the perfect location through design and construction, our leasing representatives are trained to help you through it all.

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Spacing and Planning

Space Planning & Interior Design

Designers help clients create customized solutions that provide the optimal blend of appealing design, space efficiency, and cost savings.

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Interior Construction

Interior Construction

Our interior construction team oversees tenant build-outs to ensure spaces are delivered to plan and on time, allowing you to focus on your business.

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Property Management

Property Management

Dedicated teams of in-house professionals are available 24/7 to ensure business communities are maintained to the highest standard.

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We operate with the understanding that regardless of how much land we buy and buildings we build, if we cannot acquire and retain tenants, then we have nothing.

Keenan Wilkinson Senior Property Manager

St. John Properties’ growth and success is based on fifty years of listening to our clients needs, working with them to meet these and helping them grow.

Claire Cobert Leasing Representative

We are a one stop shop that solves our clients real estate problems. If a client needs more space, help with a buildout, or have a building issue, St. John Properties can solve it.

Eric Llewellyn Retail Leasing Representative