Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 11, 2022

Thanks for your interest in St. John Properties.

We understand that you are trusting us with your data. We work hard to deserve that trust and respect your privacy. This policy explains what information we collect, who we share it with, how we protect it, and what tools we provide for you to manage your own data.

  1. What we do. St. John Properties, Inc. along with its affiliates (“St. John”) is a developer, owner, and manager of commercial properties in certain states within the United States. We do not own properties or operate in other countries; nor do we directly market or promote our services to individuals or businesses based outside of the United States. We offer a range of web-based services for users to learn more about our properties, usually as the first step in helping you consider whether to lease or buy a St. John property for your business. Along with information about our properties, we also use selected information about you to tailor your experience and make it better suited to your needs.
  2. What we collect. St. John stores the information you choose to provide us, like your name, contact information, and email address. We also store information based on your use of the services, such as properties you select as “favorites” and at times, depending on your browser or device settings, your location. We do this to help make the services more relevant to what you may need, for example by providing location-specific information or ads about products or services near you. If you don’t want this, you can turn off location services on your browser and device. In addition, we may collect activity information about how you use the services, such as your property search history, which properties you view, how long you stay on our website, how often you visit, and whether you request additional information about specific properties. We also may collect information about the browsers and devices used to access the services. This can include nuts-and-bolts technical information, such as browser and operating system versions, device make and model, IP address, crash reports, and system activity; this can help us manage the services and make them more responsive and reliable. We also may collect information about your browsing, like sites visited before, which allows us to provide advertising that’s more relevant and tailored to your interests.
  3. How we use cookies. St. John also collects data such as cookies and pixel tags. Cookies are small amounts of data that get transferred to your computer or device related to your browsing. St. John and our partners may use cookies to gather data about how you use the services. This can help us better understand users’ individual interests, track wider usage trends, help ensure reliability of the services, measure the effectiveness of ads, save your preferences, and store information you may want to retrieve more quickly, such as favorite properties. We also may allow approved third-parties to collect data from your browser and device to tailor their own services to your needs, which could include showing advertisements based on your use of St. John’s services. Your browser has tools to help you manage your preferences regarding the use of cookies, including a setting to disable cookies and a setting to disable location tracking. It’s ultimately your choice how to set these preferences; just understand that sometimes the services may not work, or work as well or efficiently, if you disable or limit cookies.
  4. Predictive logic. We also may use artificial intelligence or machine-learning tools to infer your preferences, again with the aim to make the services more useful and tailored. For example, if your searches tend to bring up similar locations, sizes or types of property, our tools may try to predict your interests in order to show more relevant information.
  5. Information about other professionals. We also collect data about any specific properties that you consider leasing or acquiring; and we may share that data with third-party professionals, such as real estate agents or brokers, in order to help you connect with them.
  6. How we use your contact information. We may contact you at the phone number or email address you provide, like when you inquire about a property or if there’s other information that may interest you. If you ask, we can share your contact information with non-affiliated real estate professionals who may be able to assist you with leasing or acquiring a property. For example, you may want to contact a real estate agent, lender, investor, or other professional; we can facilitate that contact if you ask us.
  7. Other uses. Sometimes we may need user data to investigate potential fraudulent transactions, data security incidents, or other illegal activities, with the aim of protecting the rights and property of St. John, our users and customers, and third parties. There might be occasions when we need to use information from users in unanticipated ways; if that happens, we will endeavor to keep this policy updated so that you may stay informed.
  8. Service providers and partners. We at times will provide access to our systems and data to third-party service providers that we engage to help us provide the services, such as third-party web developers, system administrators, or network engineers. We will endeavor to limit such providers’ access only to those aspects of our systems and data needed for their work. Also, we sometimes share user information with third-party partners, who may offer you products and services consistent with your privacy settings.
  9. Subpoenas and legal demands. There may be occasions when we are required by courts, regulators, or law enforcement authorities to turn over user information pursuant to a lawful subpoena, court order, or similar legal process. We will endeavor, if and to the extent allowed by the authority that demands production, to notify you in advance of the time directed for production. We will also endeavor, consistent with our own rights, obligations, and values, to resist or limit any demand for user information that we believe to be unreasonable, excessive, or inconsistent with the underlying legal authority to demand such information.
  10. Protection of private rights or public safety. We reserve the right: to share, limit, or withhold information as we believe may be necessary in order to protect public safety, fundamental human rights, private legal interests, and data security and integrity; and to prevent or report to appropriate authorities any instances of potential fraud, data security violations, human rights abuses, terrorism, public corruption, or other illegality.
  11. Transfer of ownership or control. In the event St. John would ever enter into a merger, acquisition, or other corporate transaction resulting in a change in ownership or control of its business and assets, we may transfer user data to the successor entity, which will then have authority to implement or update this privacy policy.
  12. Published or deidentified data. We may share information from published sources, including any information that you choose to share publicly in connection with using the services (such as property or professional reviews). We also may share aggregate, deidentified usage data to third parties in order to improve or optimize our systems.
  13. Sales of user data. Subject to your browser settings, we may permit certain companies to include tracking technologies, such as cookies and pixel tags, on our sites, in order to allow them information about your use of our services. Those companies may use the information to serve you ads either on our or other sites. St. John does not otherwise sell user data to third parties.
  14. Privacy tools. We are committed to providing and improving tools to help you manage the privacy and use of your data while using our services.
  15. Privacy principles. We are committed to the general principles of data privacy. Among these, we will respect and follow your wishes when it comes to your personal data, including by: (a) allowing you, upon request, to delete your data stored with us; (b) allowing you upon request to ascertain what data we have stored about you, and what data third parties have received from us; (c) keeping you generally informed and updated through this policy of what data we gather and how we use it; (d) minimizing our collection of user data to that we consider reasonably necessary to provide the services; (e) allowing you to unsubscribe from email lists that we maintain for users to get updates about our services; and (f) notifying you promptly should your data stored on our systems ever be compromised through a cyberattack or similar data security event, and working with you and appropriate authorities to mitigate this. We will never discriminate against you for exercising your rights in your data as you see fit.
  16. Disclosures. Under some states’ laws, residents have certain rights regarding their data, including: (a) the right to know which types of personal information we’ve collected and the categories of sources from which we got the information; (b) the right to know the business purposes for sharing personal information; (c) the right to know the categories of third parties with whom we’ve shared personal information; (d) the right to access the specific pieces of personal information we’ve collected; (e) the right to delete your information; and (f) the right not to be discriminated against by exercising privacy rights.
  17. Contacting us. If you have any privacy questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us at
  18. Policy updates. We are committed to adapting and improving our processes as more guidance is available, and will update this policy from time to time. We will endeavor to inform you ahead of time if the policy changes significantly in case you would prefer to discontinue using the services.