Advantage of Leasing Office Space in Owings Mills

Flex/R&D building at Dolfield Business Park in Owings Mills, MD

For businesses considering office space in Owings Mills, Maryland, the area presents an array of strategic advantages. The area’s vibrant commercial environment, boosted by mixed-use development, enhances its attractiveness.

Additionally, the market’s flexibility with spaces exceeding 45,000 square feet allows businesses to find the perfect fit for their unique requirements, making Owings Mills an ideal choice for those seeking adaptable and efficient office space solutions.

Diverse Office Space Options

St. John Properties has a wide variety of office spaces available for lease in Owings Mills, including those within traditional office buildings as well as flex/R&D buildings. Our Owings Mills area portfolio includes nearly 1 million square feet of space across three business communities, with options suitable for a variety of business needs and sizes​.

Flex/R&D building at Dolfield Business Park in Owings Mills, MD

Quality and Modern Amenities

St. John Properties’ Dolfield Business Park features direct-entry office and flex/R&D buildings, ideal for businesses that require a combination of office and distribution or storage space. The green, LEED certified buildings offer tenants efficient buildings that are not only more cost effective to operate, but also contribute to improved employee health and wellbeing.

Vibrant Commercial Environment

Nestled in the heart of Baltimore County, Owings Mills stands as a vibrant and thriving community, boasting a large and diverse residential population of over 35,600 people within its 9.57 square mile expanse. The area’s economic landscape is equally impressive, with an average household income surpassing $101,000 annually. Serving as a bustling business hub for both local residents and commuters, Owings Mills offers seamless access to major transportation arteries like I-795 and the Metro. The community is anchored by prominent institutions and corporations such as T. Rowe Price, Maryland Public Television, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Stevenson University, and Medifast, providing a robust employment base and contributing to the area’s dynamic charm.

The dynamic economic landscape and strategic location make it an enticing prospect for businesses of all sizes looking to establish a prominent presence in this thriving enclave of Baltimore County.

Flex/R&D interior buildout at Business Center at Owings Mills in Owings Mills, MD

Flexible Space Options

The office market in Owings Mills caters to a wide range of space requirements, with office spaces available up to and exceeding 45,000 square feet. This flexibility allows businesses to choose a space that suits their specific needs​​.

St. John Properties’ leasing opportunities within the Business Center at Owings Mills exemplify the flexible space options available in the Owings Mills office market, catering to a diverse range of business needs. This property, along with others in the area, offers office spaces that are scalable up to 70,000 square feet, allowing businesses to tailor the size of their workspace to their specific requirements.

The customization potential of these spaces, combined with a wide variety of amenities and strategic location, enhances operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. This flexibility and scalability, make business communities like Business Center at Owings Mills attractive for businesses seeking efficient and adaptable office space solutions.


Owings Mills offers a compelling mix of flexible, modern, and strategically located office spaces that cater to a wide spectrum of business needs. The blend of diverse office options, quality amenities, vibrant commercial developments, and adaptable space configurations positions Owings Mills as a highly desirable destination for businesses. This thriving environment, coupled with the area’s focus on catering to current market demands, makes it an excellent choice for companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in a dynamic and accommodating locale.

Flex/R&D interior buildout at Business Center at Owings Mills in Owings Mills, MD