Purify Wellness Center Opens New Location In Pleasant Grove

Utah Valley 360

If anyone can call herself an expert in health, wellness and alternative remedies, it’s Holly Draper. This mom of four holds master’s degrees in both aromatherapy and health and wellness. She’s a certified clinical aromatherapist and one of only two internationally ARC Registered Aromatherapists in the state of Utah.

“I love modern medicine, and I’m so grateful for hospitals and doctors and nurses, don’t get me wrong,” she says. “But if there is an alternative way to get rid of an ear infection without the side effects of antibiotics, I want to help people find it.”

Holly is turning her passion for wellness into a health haven for all. On October 10, she will open Purify Wellness Center in Pleasant Grove, a facility with a mission to help people find natural remedies to increase health and wellness.

Purify Wellness Center will offer services like hot yoga, cool yoga, Himalayan salt cave experience, massage, couple’s massage, energy mapping, light therapy, sound therapy and sound baths, electromagnetic bemer therapy, foot zoning, vitamin D light therapy and aromatherapy consultations. Holly is thrilled to bring these natural remedies to her community.

“I’ve been researching other wellness centers for two years as I’ve been planning my own, and I’m convinced there is no other facility like this. Certainly, we are the only one in Utah,” she says.

Next to the many physical benefits — like improving strength, balance and flexibility — regular yoga practice can also decrease risks of heart disease and shrink blockages in arteries. Both the hot yoga and the cool yoga rooms at Purify Wellness Center create the optimal environment for a relaxing yet focused practice.

The hot yoga room uses infrared heating panels, which heats the bodies in the yoga room directly instead of heating the air, making those inside feel like they are standing in the sun and not in a stuffy room. Also, the infrared red heat enables yogis to burn more calories in a workout.

Purify’s cool yoga room has floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls, creating a light and airy environment for meditation and balance. And with their Kids Club, all ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged to come discover the healing benefits of yoga.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a place where people can come to find more natural remedies,” Holly says. “I’m so excited to now offer that to my community.”

Opening Up

Purify Wellness Center opens October 10. Soft opening celebrations will last from October 10-12 and include tours of the 7,000-square-foot facility, free energy mapping sessions and giveaways. Utah’s newest and largest yoga studio is located at 1064 S. North County Boulevard, Pleasant Grove, located to the east of the Pleasant Grove I-15 exit and is the large glass building next to The Void — the former Noah’s building.