Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 16 Issue 1 | Winter 2017 The Client Advantage Program was designed to help our clients save money on essential business services like energy providers, janitorial services, trash removal and more. By using our buying power and negotiating directly with our preferred vendors, we have been able to unlock special rates for clients of St. John Properties. […]

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 15 Issue 3 | Fall 2016 From the day we entered the real estate business in 1971, we have succeeded by putting our clients’ needs first. Their success has become our success, and their growth has led to our growth. In this edition of Tenant Digest are the stories of six clients that have grown or expanded with […]

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 15 Issue 2 | Spring 2016 Finding the perfect location to open, move or grow a business can be challenging, especially when the business requires a unique space. Businesses of all types, shapes and sizes have selected St. John Properties’ spaces as their homes for over 45 years. The clients […]

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 15 Issue 1 As businesses strive for greater efficiency and productivity, they face the challenge of keeping their equipment and networks updated so they can perform at their best. The St. John Properties clients you will meet in this issue excel at helping their customers remain on the cutting edge with regard […]

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 14 Issue 3 I’d like to introduce you to a few of our clients who excel at customer service. They are succeeding because they meet the needs of customers who require special shipping boxes, who want to increase productivity through a corporate wellness program, or who want to improve their space’s appearance […]

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 14 Issue 2 In this issue, I’d like to introduce you to a few St. John Properties clients who are poised for continued success in 2015. These companies achieved success by following a few rules that sound simple but actually require much effort and dedication. They created services and technologies with market appeal, adapted and improved […]

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 14 Issue 1 We decided to be a bit creative with the theme of this issue of Tenant Digest: “Up Close.” We want to give you a close-up view of the products and services that a few of our many fascinating tenants offer. In this issue, you’ll meet six of our tenants across three states […]