Sharp Minds

Tenant Digest Magazine | Vol. 14 Issue 2

In this issue, I’d like to introduce you to a few St. John Properties clients who are poised for continued success in 2015.

These companies achieved success by following a few rules that sound simple but actually require much effort and dedication. They created services and technologies with market appeal, adapted and improved those services and technologies, and paid special attention to meeting their customers’ needs.

Here are the companies you’ll be reading about:

Amped Up! Family Amphitheatre, LLC  |  Baltimore Crossroads  |  White Marsh, MD
Diamond Nexus  |  Franklin Business Center  |  Franklin, WI
HVAC Concepts, LLC  |  Westview Business Park  |  Frederick, MD
ImpactOffice  |  Dolfield Business Park  |  Owings Mills, MD
Infinite Motion Control  |  Mequon Research Center II  |  Mequon, WI
Kline Paper Mill Supplies, Inc.  |  Columbia Center  |  Columbia, MD
TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.  |  Westview Business Park  |  Frederick, MD

St. John v14 n2